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01/19/2018  02:30z



ZKC is continuting an event series called "Collegiate Aviation Series". ZKC airspace contains several collegiate aviation programs and we want to feature them in the form of events. We will be featuring 2 schools a month. The main focus of these events are to promote general aviation traffic within VATUSA. We would encourage you to fly your favorite general aviation aircraft. Whether it is practice approaches, VFR/IFR cross country flights, or pattern work, we got you covered!

This week we are featuring Quincy University. This program is based out of Quincy Regional Airport (KUIN). The flight program at QU uses the Piper PA-28R and Cessna 172. You can expect services from Kansas City Center. Be advised that KUIN is an uncontrolled airport. Some good cross country destinations are KSPI, 3LF, KSET, KMYJ, KMBY, KIRK, KMPZ, KGBG, and KPIA.

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